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A word of appreciation from a satisfied client is, without a doubt a prized possession for anyone. Go through our client’s testimonials and get to know how exceptional we are in every aspect.

Practice Areas

Impaired Driving

You case against impaired driving can be easily won in the court with the services of the dedicated lawyers.

General Counsel

Our corporate and business lawyers are considered to be one of the best because they have served as the General Counsel for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Property Offences

Cases related to property offences is our cup of tea. We have a lot of experience, and we can assure you an easy win.

Bicycle Accidents

Such a very small offence is very easy for us to deal with. You can be % confident of a sure shot victory.

Drug Offences

Drug offences might lead you to principle punishments. But with us, you easily can get out with the least punishment.

Asset Recovery

For the rest, it might take months and years to recover your assets. But we can get it done within a max of three months. The money will come to you so quickly it will feel like you have won at the royal casino online.

About the Firm

Interven Legal Services is a reliable name that has been serving many people for more than a decade. We are a firm that will stand by the side of the client no matter what and we will make sure that we go the extra mile to ensure a legal victory for our clients. Our impressive track record is an evident testimony for that.

Neve Lawyers

Dawn A. Smith

Speaking of Girl Power, she surely is a very powerful woman. She is known for her different way of approaching the cases coming out victorious.

Brenda N. Hampton

She is one of the most sort out criminal lawyers in the city. Her expertise in the field is something that cannot be matched by anyone.

Alla R. Thompson

She is one of the reasons for our firm to have a great reputation when it comes to corporate law. She is an expert in it and had handled cases dealing with some of the biggest corporate in the world.


Education, Training, and Testing to become a Lawyer

Attorneys and lawyers undergo educational training that is often extensive before they graduate to becoming practising lawyers. The requirements to take up law as a profession can vary, but the educational requirements for lawyers hugely remain the same throughout the world. One would need a four-year undergraduate degree, accompanied by three more years at a law school, and a jury doctorate. A jury doctorate is a degree felicitated by law schools that are accredited by the American Bar Association. One must then clear what is called the bar examination. One should also ensure to clear the bar examination from the state in which they’d practice law. Then they can proceed onto passing an ethics examination.

Bachelor’s Degree

A prerequisite for acceptance at an ABA-accredited law school is a four-year baccalaureate from an accredited college or university. Law schools generally accept students who have a diverse background and are from different fields. Case in point, one should major in business if they hope to pursue business law or sociology. Similarly, a major in accounting has the potential to land a job in tax law.


The Law School Admission Test

Earning a bachelor’s degree might not necessarily guarantee a seat in a law school. One must also be able to pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) before they apply for a law school. Admission authorities set the benchmark high for LSAT scores. It is a fact that ABA-accredited schools wouldn’t accept applicants who haven’t taken the test. The LSAT happens to be an exam which tests the analytical and reading comprehension skills, which are deemed necessary for one to succeed in law schools.

Law School

Budding lawyers are to graduate from an American Bar Association accredited law school, and are expected to qualify their JD for the bar examination. The ABA accreditation certifies that the law schools satisfy and sustain certain standards, which ensure quality legal education. Not all law schools have ABA accreditation. If you find yourself in one which doesn’t, then that could be a potential threat to your job prospects. Law schools typically encompass both core subjects like constitutional law, business law, international law, courtroom procedures, criminal law, civil procedures, and also general courses. The subjects vary from school to school since there is no standard curriculum to be followed.


The Bar Examination

The bar examination is a two-day examination for law school graduates who want to be admitted to their state’s bar. This exam tests the applicants’ knowledge of general legal principles. The format for this exam can vary from state to state, but one day of the exam usually consists of Multistate Essay Examination (MEE) — six 30-minute essay questions. The second day issues a paper which tests the knowledge of that particular state’s laws.

Testimonials of Neve Lawyers

The best law firm for all kinds of cases. They are very dedicated, and they make sure that they provide the best services to their clients.
Anastasia R.
If you want to have a strong lawyer by your side, this is the right place to be. All of the lawyers are experts in different fields, and they render a wholesome service.